My Daily Pep Talk

Put on that beautiful fake smile and keep going.

Other things I have to tell myself:

That nasty look could mean anything. And they’re probably looking at someone behind you.

Today will not be the day that you get in trouble at school, Alyssa. Maintain composure.

Nothing bothers you. You are invincible and can take any hit thrown at you.

When they say “Alyssa” they are probably talking about the other one. Of course not you.

just because you notice a whole table of people turn around and look at you doesn’t mean that they are saying bad things about you. They could be complementing your hair. Or maybe they are looking at someone behind you.

Alyssa, you are the happy, cheerful, and self confident one of the group. Don’t let anyone think otherwise.

When in doubt, open up a book and ignore the world.

These are just a few of the things that keep me going throughout the day.


2 thoughts on “My Daily Pep Talk

  1. Honey don’t worry, when people are mean they’re jealous. They probably just can’t take your awesomeness. IT MIGHT MAKE THEIR HEADS EXPLODE. So instead they be jerks. (Same situation, like most teens out here. Just try not to care. Again, the whole head exploding thing.)

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