My little pony


My granny took my brother and i to McDonald’s today.  Since they messed up our order, they offered to give us something like cookies or a discount on something.  My grandma refused all of those offers and since they felt obligated to give us something for some reason, they gave my brother and I an extra toy in our Mighty kids meals.  I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a long time and when i got my little toys, i was so happy.  when i got home i played with them and combed the ponies’s tails.  I made them give each other epic high fives and they danced around on the counter.  I felt like such a little kid and that was fun.  My mother was surprised to see her 14 year old daughter playing my little ponies.  I started freaking out because my brother kept attacking them with his transformers.  So picture a 14 year old girl playing with my little ponies from McDonald’s and a ten year old boy playing with transformers.  Well, actually, my brother wanted to throw the transformers away but he kept them so we could give them to my brother.  I feel that i am officially a Bronie.  (A my little pony bro)  All i need to do now is watch the show.  Those toys literally made my day because earlier i was a little gloomy.


PS.  I actually just looked up the meaning of a bronie and I am not qualified.  A bronie is a major fan of the tv show, My little pony: Friendship is MAgic.  Ive never seen the show so i cant be a bronie.  oh well.

PPS. When i type posts on my laptop instead of my phone, I can insert links which are apparently related to my post according to word press.  So here are some links!


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