Highlights of my week

Yup. Thats a long time for me to keep all bottled up and stuff. A lot of things happened in this past week or so. So here’s a highlight of it all.

Talent show previews-
Friday was the previews/ auditions for the talent show. There were a lot of acts there and there were a lot of acts that didn’t show up. I surprised at the amount of dance groups which was about four or five. There was even a girl who did a hula hoop routine. It was very very cool. 🙂 I sang Listen by Beyonce and did pretty good. There was clapping and stuff and in my head I was thinking, awkward… But I think I did good. Most of the acts were not that great but there were a few good ones. A guy did a dance to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and that made my day. I was upset though because at least five acts, not including me, we’re to a Beyonce song. Whether it was singing or dancing I was getting irritated because of that.

A guy actually likes me-
Which makes me feel uncomfortable. My friends boyfriend wants me to date his friend. Everyday it’s “Alyssa, why won’t you date him?”. And really, it’s only because I don’t like him like that. There’s nothing wrong with the guy but I’m not looking for a boyfriend.

I babysat-
I was babysitting Jillian on Saturday and we made crayons. I took pictures do I could post them. I’ll also post a link to the directions I used. The last time I made them it didn’t turn out that great because I put the cupcake thingy in the freezer crooked and I tried to use wax paper to cover the pan so I didn’t ruin it. That did not work at all. We are now not able to make cupcakes in that pan anymore. We can make more crayons though. 😉






Link to Post:


There was only one difference from what I did an this tutorial. My stove was at 350 degrees because we had just finished making cookies.

It was awesome, mostly. Wwe has been going downhill lately compared to a couple years back but it’s still good. Yes, I know that wwe is scripted. I don’t care though. We had family and friends comeover for the event. We didn’t invite a lot of people though. But despite that fact, the three bags of chicken that we made was all gone by the end of the night. That’s a lot of chicken. Here’s a list of the good or decent matches and who won:
Triple H vs Undertaker- Undertaker wins
The Rock vs John Cena- The Rock wins
Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan- Sheamus

And of the multiplicity of matches at Wrestlemania, those are the only ones I actually sorta liked. The Triple H vs Undertaker match was definitely the best match though by far.


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