God is a funny man

Today I spent almost two hours singing and dancing around my room to a certain playlist. If each of the nine songs were about three minutes, then that means that the playlist is about thirty minutes. And I listened to each song four times in the time I was dancing around my room. I was supposed to be cleaning my room but it didn’t really turn out that way.
Also, I have some breaking news. It has nothing to do with the title. Yesterday, my mom was laid off. I found it ironic that while everyone was losing their jobs my parents still had there’s but as the American economy is steadily getting better, my mom gets laid off. This has two downsides. One, we only have my Dads paycheck now. And if I got a job that wouldn’t help because my dad wouldn’t take the money because of his pride. Two, my mom is going to be at home all day. Im going to have to get used to this but I like it better than both of my parents not getting home until five or six o clock.
Yeah. I haven’t told any of my friends yet but I’m about to tell one of them. She’s the only one I’m going to tell.
Speaking of friends, I miss Sara so much. But now we hardly text and when we do text it’s usually awkward stuff, not good conversations anymore. I hate to say this but she’s turning into a terrible person. She started smoking and she told me that she’s stopped but who knows. She cuts herself. She drinks. She skips school. And she forever has a different boyfriend. I almost hate talking to her now because she’s always mad. Someone stole her boyfriends coat and she was pissed. Shes always getting in fights. We always only talk about her never ending list of problems. Most of the time I don’t mind. I’m the Therapist or Mediator of my friend group. Im happy to listen to you talk and give advice.but what do I do when it’s only the same stuff and I run out of advice to give?I don’t mind giving advice, I like it actually but, it gets really awkward and I end up just giving pity. She might want pity and attention but I hate doing that.
My problems are scarce. I’ve just got the occasional self esteem, a few friend issues, a sibling rivalry, and my last problem is that I end up helping everyone else deal with their problems. Often I think to myself, my life is pretty much close to perfect. Nothing is seriously wrong in my life. This is where God becomes the jokester. While I’m saying this stuff to myself, he’s probably thinking, let’s shake things up. He makes it so that my mother gets laid off. This is probably a test of sorts. Being laid off leads to other things. This is how I thought of it:
Being laid off means relying on one paycheck. One paycheck means money issues. Money issues means arguing. Arguing means divorce. Divorce means nothing will ever be the same. And all of this will happen because I had decided that my life was wonderful. Sometimes I hate myself for not having issues when tons of people including some of my friends have problems that I will probably never have to face. Then again, this “test” might go the opposite way. My mom says that since she’s going to be at home a lot she wants to do more in the ministry. (church). My mom is an Evangelist and my dad is a Deacon. They have been in church forever. Maybe this situation will make my mom and my family as a whole closer to God. My mother is such a good saint. She told me that she wants to visit and help take care of sick and elderly people. She want to work on Church plays more. My mom was the head of the Fine Arts Department of my church for a while but he “retired” from is because of work and going to school for her Masters agree. I had quotes around retired because shes still involved in it although she says that she’s trying to draw back from it.
Her being at home now could be good though. Eating dinner before eight o clock would be nice. She also wants to take Zumba at the YMCA. My mom isn’t someone to sit around and do nothing. I guess there is a silver lining in every cloud. You just have to look for it.


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