My Crazy Weekend

So on friday, the first day of spring break I did nothing. I watched tv, walked around my house, and played cards. But at around 6:30 things started to get interesting. I went Roller Skating with my god brother and god sister and aunt and their cousins. It was so much fun although I noticed a cultural difference from the roller rink that I usually go to from the one that we went to yesterday. Let me put it like this:
At Butler Skateland a Drake song comes on and everyone gets on the floor and sings along. If a Justin Beiber song comes on everyone clears the floor and sit around talking.
At Wawautosa Skatland, a Drake song comes on and a lot of people go to sit down. A Justin Beiber song comes on and everyone starts skating and singing along.

Do you see what I’m getting at? My god sister and I had to put a few hip hop songs on the request list so that we could hear something other than pop music. It was really fun besides that fact though. There was free pizza and soda for half the night. I loved it because we didn’t leave the rink until 10 and I didn’t fall once. Plus, there were a few cute guys not that I’m the flirting type though. It’s more like one guy but I prob would have only talked to him if I was with my friends.
Today, my normal family went to Action Territory. It’s super Awesome there. They have arcade games, mini golf, bumper cars, go carts, batting cages, paint ball, laser tag, and loads of other stuff. We did everything but the stuff that you had to pay extra for or was not included in our all day pass. My weekend so far was overally awesome!!


I took a picture of my Family walking in front of me at Action Territory. While we were there my phone was dying do I couldn’t take many pictures.


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