I was just thinking about how Wisconsinites say Certain things differently. But first I would like to say how lame everyone who lives in Wisconsin sounds because of our names. “Wisconsinites”. Gosh, they couldn’t come up with anything better.
But back to the topic. Much like how people in the UK call what Americans say is garbage, rubbish, we do something a little bit like that. It’s mainly a south eastern Wisconsinite thing though. When many people in the US call it pop, we call it soda. Saying soda is actually common in other places of America but bubbler isn’t. I say bubbler, you say water fountain, others say drinking fountain.
What I picture when I think of a bubbler:

I have no idea what non Wisconsin people think of when they hear bubbler but the last pic is what they think of when they say water fountain or drinking fountain. This is what I think of which causes me to get confused:

Next time I go out of state I’m going to ask where a bubbler is and see what kind of reply I get. It’ll be interesting.
Anyways, Happy Easter everyone!


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