I think I’m becoming Nocturnal

Today I went to sleep at around 6:30 in the morning. This means I was up all night. I did have a three hour nap but that is no excuse for pretty much not going to sleep. I just woke up around 12:50. Admittedly, I’ve been going to bed at crazy times and not making it up later. I’ll go to bed at twelve or even two o clock and wake up at six I clock in the morning. I have a feeling that this lack of sleep is going to backfire on me. And I don’t want to trade my day for the night. By that I mean that I’d rather be up during the day with my family or something instead of being awake at night by myself.

By the way, I finished 12 bracelets last night.



3 thoughts on “I think I’m becoming Nocturnal

  1. Oh that’s awful! Even when I get to bed an hour or two later then usual I feel it the next day. Someone told me apparently you can’t make up sleep and to get your body feeling good and for your brain to work well you have to have had at least 2 good night’s rest. I hope you get it worked out!

  2. Ok you are not “turning” noccturnal. I have been noccturnal my entire life. Ask my mom how her pregnancy was lol. Anyway I’m 13 and I don’t want to be noccturnal or sleepy all day at school but just know I know how hard it is to sleep. My usually day is I go to sleep from 2-4 and wake up at 5:45 to watch my fav tv show and then get ready for school at 7. So just hang in there, I’m cursed but I hope you get to sleeping like before. 🙂

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