Challenging Myself and Random Stuff

I have not posted in a really long while which keeps happening. Soooooo I’m going to challenge myself to post every day for a week. And then I’m going to challenge myself to do it again and again. So….. Here’s some random stuff:

I refuse to eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets now. Look up what they are made of and what they look like before it’s chicken nugget-ized. I almost threw up.

So I might have a boyfriend right now. I kind of thought we were dating but he’s been telling ppl that we’re not so I’m really confused. But we barely ever talk anyways.

Plus, I really like a different guy. Anybody remember the schoolbus guy? Yeah. I kind of really like him and I’ve come up with a plan to tell him. We talk sometimes and in a few weeks I’m just going to throw it out there and see what happens. I feel like I’ve been doing more impulsive things lately. Example: Telling Barney that I liked him. Another Example: I had to ask out the guy that I think I’m dating cuz he was too shy to ask me himself. I barely even like him. If it happened that we are actually dating, I’m going to break up with him tomorrow.

I was in a talent show on Friday. I didn’t place but I had 18pts while all of the finalists had 19pts. I was off by one point! One dang point and I could have won!!! Oh well.

I think my hair was really pretty on friday.

I’m obsessed with YouTube. The time I spend on there could be used posting!!!

I feel like a quit a lot of stuff so I’m determined not to quit this blog. At least until it’s been maybe a year. If I stop liking it then I’ll stop, but for now it’s been pretty cool.

I’ve finished raising the money for Washington DC. I raised all of it like last month or do and idk if I’ve told you.

Being 14 feels the same as being 13.


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