Day 1: Operation Tell’m

As I mentioned, I have made a plan to tell my crush that I like him. Today’s status on the plan: Getting Nowhere. My plan was to talk to him more and more over the course of two weeks and then say it non chalantly. Todays attempt to talk to him went terribly. I think he was in a bad mood and don’t want to talk. I’m not a person to persist of someone doesn’t want to talk. If your in a bad mood I’ll let you get over it and leave you alone until you do. And since he was in a no talking mood I left him alone. I even tried to make it obvious that I was sorta trying to figure out aha was going on. I looked over at him and even did this thing that I read on Psychology Today. The other day I was reading articles about how to “read” people like they do on the show Lie To Me. I came across an article with the title, “how to know if they like you.”. This interested me a lot as you might be able to tell. The thing I did was a “sign” to guys that the girl likes him. I decided to do it so I could get the message across. He completely missed it and I quit looking at him with a caring face and put on my earphones. I put on my Paramore station at full volume and stared out the window. I was left with only my thoughts and music. I hope day 2 goes along a lot better than today did. I tried really hard to start a conversation but I’m starting to think that he still probably sees me as that irritating 2nd grader. Granted that at that time he was in 3rd grade, but still…

Ps. My rants about boyfriends have gone out the window.


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