My Gateway Drug

A gateway drug is a drug that’s not actually bad for you but once it stops giving you the high you want you start doing drugs that can give you the feeling again. Metaphorically, music is my gateway drug. Everyday I listen to music at maximum volume and I feel good. I feel empowered and strong and emotional. But after so long, it’s not giving me that feeling anymore. Now it’s just like oh I’m listing to music that’s cool. I believe that it’s the music and the volume that helps me. When I get upset the first thing I do is pop in some earphones and blast the music. The volume blocks everything else out and it’s just me and my music. The songs speak to me and then I start to feel better. Now a days, it’s not doing anything for me. Now it’s like sometimes I feel distracted and my mind is all over te place.
My solution to this problem? Well, there are two ways I could go. I could start listening to more hard core music with screaming. I love the songs that have the bit of screamo in it. Or I could invest $200 in Dr. Dre beats so that the quality is better and the volume gets louder. I think the answer is A. Listen to harder music. I love mainstream stuff, dubstep, and all kinds of music but Alternative just makes me feel better. Idk why.
I’m not sure if I got the point across why my current music habits are like my gateway drug. I already play my music loud and I want it louder. I’m going to be deaf by the time im fifty but YOLO. So I’m gonna be happy now and get a hearing aid later.
Music is like my security blanket. It’s what I hold onto when I’m sad or upset. Sometimes I’ll be in class wishing I could grab my phone and turn on my music so I could have something to grasp onto.


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