I was Babysitting

Today I babysat Jillian again.

This is a picture of the beautiful cake that we made. I felt that the frosting and food coloring tasted terrible together the frosting by itself was fine but once we put food coloring in it i wanted to puke. The cake itself was very good though. I ended up giving the rest to her.
We had a little dance party and that was fun. We also watched a Shrek marathon while coloring and making the cake. Overally it was fun. Besides the fact that I’ve babysat her tons of times, each time she comes she doesn’t want her mom to leave. but it was a good night. I spent ten dollars on cake stuff and made $25. So I guess I made a little profit… 🙂


PS. It was either a blurry picture or a picture with most of my face cut off.


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