Stuff I Like Sunday

A new round of Stuff I Like Sunday is here! Yay more cool crafts! If you have an outfit that you can’t figure out what accessories to wear with, this would be great. You could wear this bracelet with a casual or fancy outfit. Top hat lights. Nuff said. 😉 I don’t […]

I feel Giddy

So this weekend has been awesome. Saturday I had Michaelas birthday part. At first I wasn’t that excited and my gift back fired because she really liked it. But in the long run I think our friendship is patching up even though my friends still hate her. I don’t think I ever really had anything […]

I’m being forced to go to a birthday party. Let me elaborate. There’s this girl who I’m sort of half friends with. She gave me an invite I didn’t really want to go so I’ve been telling her that I lost it. So what happens? Her MOM drops by my house and gives me an […]