I’m firetruckin awesome

So today I showed off my true talent and made up a song about it:
I’m firetruckin awesome oh oh
Look at what I made here yeah yeah
I’m firetruckin awesome (x3)
U see me makin stuff outta duct taaaaaapeee.
I see you lookin wanna do stuff like meeehhhhh
Cuz I’m, cuz I’m,
FIRETRUCKIN aweeesssommmmeee. Ohhhhhh yeahhh yeahhhh yeahhhh

That is the best song I have ever heard. It just occurred to me that you might want to know what I am bragging about. I spent and hour and a half making this:


I made this without directions but it was still pretty easy. I used a purse that I already had as kind of a template for the size. I don’t have pictures but here are directions for it:

1. Rip off about ten, foot long peices of tape the color of your choice. Dont stack them on top of each other but layer them so that they become like a piece of sticky paper. Make sure you have the sticky side up.
2. Then rip another ten and put them on top of your “sticky paper”, sticky side down. This is your fabric.
3. Repeat steps two and three so that you have a second price of duct tape fabric.
4. Make an outline of the shape purse you want on a piece of your fabric. Cut out this shape on both peices. I held the two together so I would only have to cut once. Not twice.
5. Tape the sides together. Turn it inside out and tape the sides together again. Do not tape the top of bottom.
6. Use the same technique that we did on the sides but instead of tens peices only use 3. Cut out the shape you want your bottom to be and tape it on. Personally, I put the taped together sides on my fabric and traced it. This work very well for me but it was a bit of work trying to tape it on to the sides.
7. Rip two peices of tape about 20 inches and fold them in half the long way. These will be your handles. Tape the ends to the inside of your purse.
8. Now you can decorate it however you want unless you want to leave it plain.

I hope this tutorial made sense. It’s not that hard but it’s really time consuming. If it didn’t make sense I’ll just make another bag and make a tutorial with pictures. In supposed to be making one for my friend. You could do what I did and just looked at pictures and figured it out. The checkered ones are very complicated and use up a lot more tape. I tried it and failed…. This is my failed attempt of it from last year:


I don’t even know what’s going on with it. There’s just a lot of things wrong with it. Maybe I’ll try again someday but not any time soon. Next I want to try something like this:


Maybe not the same colors but I really like the style of the purse. So now I can say that I’ve made these things out of duct tape:
Hair pin

And that’s it… But to me it’s quite the accomplishment. Since sales on my pens have slowed down dramatically I need to do something with all of this tape I have. Thanks for reading me brag about myself. 😉


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