I’m being forced to go to a birthday party. Let me elaborate. There’s this girl who I’m sort of half friends with. She gave me an invite I didn’t really want to go so I’ve been telling her that I lost it. So what happens? Her MOM drops by my house and gives me an invitation and offers to pick me up and drop me off. So I’m pretty much stuck. My parents are oblivious to it.
Me: Oh yeah, she’s totally still my BEST friend.
My Mom: Oh ok. Is she having problems with any of your friends?
Me: Um, sort of. She and Nijeria don’t really click.
My Mom: Well as long as you guys aren’t having any problems…
Me: Yeah totally.
I think my mom is catching on a little bit because when we wen to the dells I got Nijeria a gift and not Michaela. Oh well. I’m just going to give michaela the duct tape purse I don’t like and stop by Walgreens and pick up some nail polish. Sounds like a good gift to me.
Anyways, right now I’m eating cookies and watching A Smash rerun. As soon as I catch up on the three episodes I missed, I’m gonna play Dace Central and dance off these cookies I’ve been eating.
Oh, this morning as I was watching the videos of my favorite YouTubers, I had an idea. What if I got a channel and posted regularly? I can barely keeps up with something a simple as a blog but it’s not like I have to post a video every day. I already have a channel on YouTube but the stuff on it basically sucks.



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