I feel Giddy

So this weekend has been awesome. Saturday I had Michaelas birthday part. At first I wasn’t that excited and my gift back fired because she really liked it. But in the long run I think our friendship is patching up even though my friends still hate her. I don’t think I ever really had anything against her, I just got pulled into the mix and I had to chose a side. I tried being neutral but I had to chose a side. The party was super fun and my night was completed when I got home. I turned on Saturday Night Live and one of my favorite comedians was the host. Will Farrell!!! (I can never get his last name right. I had to re spell it at least four times before I figured it out.).
On Sunday it was Mothers Day! Happy Belated Mothers Day to everyone! My mom had just come home from visiting my granny in Colorado the night before so I was excited to see her. We went to church and then took her to a kitchen store so she could get whatever with the gift cards we got her. It was fun but she was really tired so we went home and she slept.
Agh. Don’t you hate it when you see a basket of stuff and assume its dry and it’s actually wet? One of my bed sheets is wet (like fresh out of the washer wet). But I refuse to get out of my comfy bed and my fuzzy pjs are sticking to me.
The school year is almost done! I’m so excited for graduation and the dance and Washington DC and Six Flags! I’m only a little sad about the Dance because apparently they took the dress I was going to get off of the website. I think it’s a sign. The one time I try to wear a dress voluntarily, it fails. But this does mean more shopping yay!
Sometimes I feel like I’m coming off as a mean person on this blog. For example, trying to give someone a terrible gift which back fired because they really liked it. But I’m not a mean person at all.
Random Quirk: I’m afraid of butterflies. They’re pretty and all but I don’t want one coming near me. I hate going into the butterfly room at the museum. All of the butterflies want to land on you and I’m not cool with that.

Ps. Does anyone else actually not hate Mondays?


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