A happy and sad day

So for the most part my day has been great but then SOMEONE had to go as ruin it. School, blah blah blah, and then a choir concert. After the choir concert I went to my friends birthday party. I ate a lot of chicken. Lol. But here is the bad part: my best friend is upset with me. Maybe it’s former best friend now.
So we were texting and I honestly told her straight up how I felt about her being gone and her new life and friends. I told her that I felt like they were way cooler than us (her old friends) and that eventually she’s gonna get bored with us. Apparently she was really taken aback with this and has stopped texting me and Ahsha, (my our friend who didnt even do anything). The what happens? I go on Facebook and I see a status made about me. Now I’m a fake friend apparently. Do you ever go on a social network and see a post obviously made about someone but there’s no name? Well I knew who it was about and was surprised. The conversation happened almost a week ago and I ha already let it go. I’m not one to hold a grudge but Sara is. Im not going to beg for her friendship because that’s uneccasary and petty. When she wants to stop being childish about it we can talk about the situation and work it out. Which is also unneeded because I’m not even mad. She’s over reacting.

On a brighter note, the rest of my day was fine. After school I had my choir concert and Ahsha came over my house after school so we could both go straight to the birthday party after the concert. On the school bus I got irritated because one of the multiple guys that likes her is on that bus and he decided it would be fun to sit in the seat with us. Picture three people in a smallish school bus seat. One person smushed against the window (me) and two people talking and laughing. (them). And when we actually got to my house it was a little awkward at first but we got back to normal soon after. My brother likes to “show out” when I have friends over and had to get my mom, who was asleep, to ban him from my room leave us alone. We mostly talked and put wall decals on the walls and windows. (I took the pictures a lot later than when we put up the stickers. She was gone by the time I took these pictures).




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