Stuff I Like Sunday

A new round of Stuff I Like Sunday is here! Yay more cool crafts!

If you have an outfit that you can’t figure out what accessories to wear with, this would be great. You could wear this bracelet with a casual or fancy outfit.

Top hat lights. Nuff said. 😉

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am terrible with sunglasses. I got two brand new fairly expensive glasses. They were ten dollars apiece. But Rey were supposed to be really good quality and solve my sunglasses problems. Boy. Was I wrong. One pair broke when my dad sat on them an the other pair broke in my purse somehow. I duct taped the first pair and it’s sort of better but the other pair is unfixable. I hadn’t even worn them yet! But I got another pair for five dollars and those are holding up a lot better than my expensive “high quality” ones. My brother has sat on them and they have been in my purse and not break. This DIY is just a cheap pair of glasses being decorated so they look expensive. That is what I need to do.

These are some cute kicks. People may not believe that you made these shoes yourself. Then, it’s your moment to shine and boast. When you get into conversation about te shoes, the person will want to know more about the other things you make and it’ll end up being a full fledge conversation. Yay.

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