Good things have happened

In spite of my super long depressing rant, I have had something happen that made me happy and sort of freak out. This regards The guy I like on my bus. So apparently I left my phone on the school bus and he brought it too my house. That just put me over the edge. I was like yup. That’s the guy I like. Not a bad boy but a good guy. and I told my mom about how I like him and she approved of him. I found that part funny. How is she going to approve the guys I like? And he sat by me on the bus this morning. It made me uncomfortable so I turned my music up mare and fidgeted. Terrible move. When I told my friends they hit me for not saying anything to him. So I had to promise that te next time we say near each other I would have to talk to him. Or as they put it, “make a move.”

And ive had these ring worm looking things all over my body and I went to the doctor. Turns out that they are not little ring worms. It’s some virus that spreads across my body and will disappear by itself in about a month. The virus goes through the air and it’s not contagious so I probably just got it from the air.

I text my 115 lb friend, Ahsha all the time and this year so far we have texted back and forth over 8000 times. That’s low compared to how much we texted this time last year.

And the guy I liked for three years said I was pretty. I wish he would have said something when I liked him.

Ps. I had a rant but I removed it after careful thought


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