Stuff I like Monday

I got caught up in the Memorial Day festivities yesterday but here’s the list today!!!

As you may know, I am a big fan of duct tape. Hence I love this project. I’m actually thinking about making one right now.
Apparently the correct name for what I used to call the melty beads are Perler beads. This is super cute and simple bracelet for those of us that have them laying around From old birthday parties or something.

So whoever came up with the idea for this project is a genius. It’s one of those things that I wish I would have thought of. A warm teddy hear is brilliant.

This is super duper cute. And personally, I haven’t seen any shirts like this in stores so people will be asking you where you go it and you’ll say, oh I made it. This shirt is trendy and could also be a little classy depending on the shirt you use.

It’s like having a fuzzy mug. :). No one will ever be able to confuse your coffee cup for theirs again!

I hope you liked this round of stuff I like! If you ever make anything from these lists I would love to hear how they turned out in the comments below!



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