So itchy….

There is a spider on the wall and I don’t feel like getting up to kill it but I’m starting to feel really itchy. So I’m just eating this spider climb up the wall…. Then it decides to just sit in one place mocking me. So I eventually decide to hit it with a magazine. […]

Awesome weekend

The dance was on Friday everyone looked beautiful. My friends kept trying to get me to dance with a guy that I didn’t like. The dance overally was fun though. It was hawaiian themed which was cool ad there was free food. Most of the songs were good. A majority of them played were hip […]

My week is made.

So besides the fact that I have two days left of school and the dance is on Friday and I’m graduating from eighth grade on Monday as I’m going to six flags on tuesday and I’m going to dc somewhere around that time, I was super happy last night. I took the initiative and decided […]