Dress for the dance

None of my friends are replying to my texts and I’m kind of frustrated about a girl issue and I need to vent. Issue: my dress for the dance.

So I got a dress for the dance and it cost 60 dollars an I was so excited and I bought jewelry to go with it. Tomorrow is the Dance and I just put on my whole outfit and it doesn’t match. And I see why the necklace was on the clearance rack. First off, my Indian theme did not go with the dress and the necklace has a feather missing from it. I can’t wear that!!! And I tore my dress a little. It’s not noticeable at all. And I saw a way cuter dress that is similar but better for 25 dollars today when I went shopping. So now I want to return my original dress and jewelry to get the other dress and different jewelry. So yeah. I’m super upset about that and my parents are out to eat so I stuck at home and I can’t ask them to take me. But this is a serious emergency. The dance is TOMORROW!!!! We could make an emergency trip tomorrow but that would be cutting it close. And idk where the receipt for the dress is so idk if I’ll be able to return it especially since I’m not all that crazy about the dress. I honestly got it because I was tired of dress shopping. And now I’m in a horrible predicament. I hope my parents come home before the stores close…


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