Awesome weekend

The dance was on Friday everyone looked beautiful. My friends kept trying to get me to dance with a guy that I didn’t like. The dance overally was fun though. It was hawaiian themed which was cool ad there was free food. Most of the songs were good. A majority of them played were hip hop because when a certain song came on like a Highschool Musical song, the dance floor cleared out. It was obvious that the group of people who aren’t into hip hop weren’t into all of that playing but what do they expect when a pop song came on and they cleared? They did play some pop songs though. Like starships, sexy and I know it, and various others. Something that really irritated me was that since there is a big clique at my school, every time someone from that clique would walk in everyone would run over to her screaming. Then people who aren’t in that clique just kind of awkwardly get over there for no reason. I personally wanted to stay on the dance floor, I would seethe girl facing at some point so I didn’t need to see her at that moment, but noooo, my friends had to awkwardly gravitate to that area and do did I because I didn’t want to be left alone looking like a fool.
The DJ was like a continuing slap of reality. He kept saying things like, we have this many songs til the end and we won’t see each other again! Party because it’s your last chance to! This is the last song of the 8th grade year! You will never have a chance like this again!
These things are not very helpful to cheering up my crying friend who is sad because 8th grade is over. What she continues to forget is that on Monday we have graduation and Tuesday we have six flags and next Sunday we have Washington DC. So I’m going to be seeing my friends all the way up to next week. There’s no point in crying because we are coming back next year. That’s what I think at least. If I know your going to be at this school next year then why cry? Sure I’m going to miss my friends over the summer but it’s only 3 months. 90 days. I think we can do that.
Ad besides Ahsha bawling about it all being over, I have Xavi bawling because the guy she likes was dancing with some other girl. My friends need to get over themselves! This is middle school, I doubt your going to find you true love here and there are plenty more dances at the Highschool. He’s just one guy. I feel like I have to treat my friends in different ways. Ahsha, I have to act sweet and funny and reassuring. For Xavi I have to be reassuring yet tough otherwise she’d be crazy. Unfortunately she has low self esteem and I have to help her with that. She doesn’t have to lose weight to please anyone. That’s bull. She’s beautiful and the people In my scho just don’t see it.
I feel like sounding very hypocritical but normally I have very high self esteem. Very high, but I just have my dips sometimes into a downward spiral of self loathing which I have to get over. There is always someone in a worse situation than you and because of that I try to appreciate everything because of that. So why cry about my small problems in a comfortable bed when a lot of people don’t have beds to cry in or food to get fat off of. But that’s just my thought….


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