Washington DC was awesome

So i got back home from DC on Tuesday and sorely miss it. It’s was so much fun but my feet hurt super bad when I got home and I slept most of the next day. While in DC I learned that my best friend likes learning about American History and that I love burritos. I also learned that five girls and three beds can prove to be a hassle. In Washington DC we saw so many things. The moment we got off the plane we went sight seeing. We saw the White House, Arlington Cemetary, Martin Luther King Jrs Memorial, the Washington Monument, and so much more. I would post pictures of everything but 99% of the pictures are on my camera and I don’t know where the cord is to upload them to the computer. I will post the photos that I do have though which is not many.

My parents left to teach at a couples conference in Texas on thursday so my nana is staying with my brother and I until Sunday night when they get back. I talked on the phone pretty late yesterday night and last night. In fact, last night Nijeria and I tried to pull an all nighter. She got too tired and went to bed and after she hung up made a Facebook post about the Fail of an all nighter. But who of course comments? My friend that is jealous for no reason. Every time I post something on Facebook about hanging with my friends she posts a jealous comment. I don’t even understand why she’s jealous. I don’t get jealous when she posts about going to parties and skyping all night with her friends. after I made my post her comment said something like “I’m awake but I guess I don’t fit into the best friend category anymore.”. That’s bull crap! Just cuz she lives on the other side on Milwaukee now doesn’t mean she’s still not my best friend. And I refer to Nijeria as best friend because that’s what we do. In fact, she made a post about skyping with some dude all night around the time my post was put up so how was she going to talk to me on the phone anyways?

This is the inside of the rotunda in the Capital Building. The artwork in the rotunda is stunning.

This is General Robert E Lee’s home. He was a general for the confederate army during the Civil War. His home sits on over 300 acres of land and on that land is Arlington Cemetary.

This is John F Kennedy's grave at Arlington Cemetary. He was a president of the United states and was assinated.

This is a statue of Martin Luther King jr at the Martin Luther King jr Memorial. This is the newest memorial in Washington DC because it came out in October. This statue of Martin Luther King Jr looks over a pond at a monument that I can’t think the name of. It’s quite the sight.

This is the building that I can’t remember the name of. But it’s beautiful and huge and awesome.

I really want to say that this is one of the Smithsonian Museums but I’m not sure.

You should ready go to washington dc. It’s so awesome. This is just a small taste of all of the things we saw. I felt super American and proud to be one. So many lives died in battle for the safety of us. Arlington Cemetary is almost full. 300+ acres of land filled with man and women who have died in battle the sake of the US. They are steadily trying to add more land but soon there will be no more space for anymore fallen soldiers. To give you an idea of what its like there, Picture standing in any spot of Arlington Cemetary and only seeing Rows and rows and rows of white marble grave stones.


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