The Most American Day of the Year

Today is July 4, 2012. For Americans, this is a giant holiday celebrated with fireworks and parties. Since the fourth of July is only celebrated in The United States, I guess only Americans celebrate it therefore there aren’t really many other traditions. On this day, many wear red white and blue clothes or clothes adorned with stars and stripes. And many people are given a day off of work. For me, the fourth of July means a cook out and fireworks which can be seen from my backyard.
I bet the fourth of July is quite a sight for foreigners. We are a very proud country. There are foreign exchange students from Spain in my summer camp this week. When I asked, one of them could barely tell me what their flag looks like. I could tell anyone on a drop of a dime what the American flag looks like. Stars and stripes, red, white, and blue. I’d like to imagine that the Spanish students have never seen such brilliant fireworks and are amazed by the sight which will stay with them forever. Visiting America probably will stay with them but it’s likely that they’ve seen fireworks before. I’ll ask tomorrow. If your not from the US or missed the fireworks I’m sure you can look up the fourth of July fireworks and find lots of videos. The fourth if July firework displays are like no other firework shows. These are patriotic and represent our love for this free country.
One of the Spanish students looks just like Justin beiber. I thought I might mention that.
Anyways, I’m pretty sure that the United states of America is turning 284 years old. It’s a rough estimate and I don’t feel like looking up the actual age right now. Hundreds of years ago today, we earned our
Independence. Millions have died so that I and millions of other Americans can live in this free country. They fought in wars and protested for the rights that I currently have today and to keep me safe.
Sometimes I wish I was from somewhere else like England or Spain to get a cool accent but I love America. Even with its problems and all. There’s no place like it.



I tried taking pictures of the fireworks. It only sorta worked. You don’t get the full effect. But notice that in the second picture there was a smiley face. They have been getting fancy with the fireworks lately. There have been stars, smiles, hearts, ect.


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