Well then…

I think that I’m starting to scare my parents.the other day I asked for blue hair and today I asked for fake gauges I wanted them but I after I asked for them I learned that I also liked the reaction. When I asked my mom for blue hair I got a lecture. And when I asked my dad for FAKE gauges I got a straight up no. With the hair, I understand because anything could happen. My hair could be a beautiful hue of blue or all of my hair would fall out. But with fake gauges, that’s nothing! I could easily take them out and my earring holes would be the same size and stuff. and it’s not like I would wear them when I’m out with my parents. Just sometimes at school and on the rare occasion that I go out with my friends. I got the idea of gauges from a tutorial I saw on craft gawker of fake gauges using polymer clay and old earrings. I loved it and asked if I would e able to wear tem and got shot down. Oh well.
I’m happy and sad. I planned my summer to spend the least amount of time in teen camp, but I’ve grown to love the people in teen camp. They are like my family and I’m the oldest sister. But now I’m going to my other family at First Stage. Going there makes me a little sad though because I won’t see some of my old friends from last year there. I’ll still get to do what I love while in an air conditioned building with the best people in the world. Did you know that everyone at first stage is wonderful? And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. Any person you meet is great and amazing and nice and talented and so many other things. We are one ginormous family. Last year was magical because there was a wedding (it was fake) and it was beautiful. We all sat around and watched and at the end we all sang don’t stop believing. That moment made my year. To be apart of something so great and wonderful. I wouldn’t trade First Stage for the world.
I can’t get get over how much I love first stage. Anyways, summer is almost over which is depressing and high school is coming fast. Soon enough it’ll be the first day of school and I’ll be freaking out about seeing my friends and getting lost in the hallways.
And I remember what I wanted to say now. There are three concerts I desperately want to go to.
1. The Vans warped tour- Which I am going to most likely
2. Electric Guest- Which I am not going to because I missed the free tickets
3. Evanescence – It is on my brothers birthday so I can’t go. 😦
Life goes on though and I’ll survive. If you plan on going to the Warped Tour In your state I really reccomend that you download the app. You get ten free songs an the songs are from some of the bands on th tour. I thought I might give you that tip. Even if you aren’t going to the Warped tour it’s still a chance for free music so I would spring on that if I were you.

PS. I meant to post these on the fourth of July but didn’t so here try are, some very american pictures:




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