Ik I haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve been really busy with school, student council, tennis, njhs, and being lazy. Lots of stuff has happened during my first month as a freshman. I don’t feel like re capping. I just wanted to post to say that my homecoming was like a scene out of a movie.
The dance it’s self was incredible. It didn’t really look like a dance from the movies but the decorations that were there were nice and the dj was awesome. I kind of went through all of the emotions at homecoming. When I got there I was convinced that I had the third ugliest dress there and I cried. It’s pathetic. But after a couple seconds I picked myself up an stopped crying In te stall and just had an attitude for the ten minutes it took my friend to do her make up. Then I plainly half heartedly danced but then I gradually let loose and started really dancing. But all while I was dancing I was dancing I was looking for “My Neighbor” or you may know him as “Bus Crush Guy” or “operation Tellm Guy”. Turns out he was on the complete other side of the gym behind a load of people. So after a bunch of drama happened within my friend group and lots of dancing my friend Allison had me promise that I would dance with him. And after that I went around to look for him and I found him and asked him to dance. My friends were being clingy and weird about it which is funny but me and my neighbor ended up dancing for two or three songs. It was so much fun. The first song was Motivation by Kelly Rowland which is a little awkward because if we became something that would make it our song and that song is about sex. After those two or three songs he was tired an I just danced with my friends for the rest of the night.
It actually took me two tries to dance with him. The first time my friends had dragged me over there and we’re telling me to dance with him and he was standing there smiling and I was apologizing for the Way my friends were acting. Then he said something that made me question if this was real life or not. He said don’t apologize, you should listen to your friends. And we were going to dance to the song that was on but he didn’t like it so I left and came back a few songs later and that’s when we danced. My homecoming was awesome. It started of horrible but increasingly got better. ❤


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