Size 16 and still hungry

I always te myself to post but then I think no it’s been to long but by doing that the time just gets longer. I need to get back in my groove of this. Anyways, this something my friend said and a thought I had after she said it.
” I’ve never weighed more than 115. I’m getting fat.”
Um I can’t even remember that last time I was 115.
“Omg I’m a 3 now. I need to lose weight.”
I’m a freaking 16 and proud. Nothing wrong with larger sizes.

16 isn’t even that big but I’m tall so so my weight evens out sorta. More goes to my stomach than my chest and I can’t help that I love chicken. Pshhh. Diets? Puh lease. I enjoy food way to much for that. Food is food not friends. (Reference to Finding Nemo). But it’s all good. I love my tummy and all it’s juiceyness. I couldn’t even picture myself that thin. I enjoy being a nice full shape. Yup. 😀


4 thoughts on “Size 16 and still hungry

  1. I hate when people complain about their weight when they are actually in great shape People tend to look into a mirror and see something different then what everyone else sees…

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