5 Reasons Why I Can’t Ask Him to the Dance

Anybody else have those almost perfect moments to tell that perfect someone something? I had one today. But my friend was still by me so I was too nervous too. Smh. It would have been great if my est friend weren’t standing right next to me. It was 8:45, I was leaving the basketball game early. So was he. And my friend just went out there to keep me company. Oh btw this guy I’m talking about is the guy on my bus. I’ve been wanting to ask him to the school dance since I found out when the next one was and today would have been perfect. We were all outside, it was dark, and it was only the three of us. He was standing alone and my friend was talking to me although I wasn’t listening. To distracted with him standing so close. He was maybe 15 feet away. I could have, should have, would have asked him to the Winter Formal. I’m just an awkward wreck.
1. I’m awkward around guys I like. I’m pretty cool around guys but guys I like I usually can’t hold a conversation with because I’m so surprised that I even tried to start a conversation.
2. Girls asking guys is not the traditional way to do it. Which I don’t care about that but I’m extremely afraid of rejection. I can’t be accepted or rejected if I don’t ask but the thought of asking him scares me to death. In fact, he asked someone else out to homecoming which I shouldn’t be mad about cuz I’m not dating him or anything but I feel like I was the fall back girl sorta. Like he wouldn’t have danced with me if the first girl didn’t say no to him. I had so much fun that night. It’s a shame that I feel so horrible about it now. But being second is better than nothing, right?
3. Did I mention that I am a nervous wreck around people I have a crush on?
4. I want the time to be right. Like I don’t want to ask around alot of people. I’d rather it’d be just us. I don’t want to ask over Facebook because then he doesn’t have to Reply. And so far I’ve had two great opportunities and one almost great opportunity to ask him.
5. I’m not even sure if he likes me. That could be a bit of a problem. I think so but then again I don’t think so…

Anyways, ill figure it out. And if I have to just approach him at the dance to dance with him so be it. I will grow a pair and do that. I understand this is kind of a small problem in the grand scheme of things but I’m gonna work it out and solve it. I’m gonna put on my thinking cap and figure out a solution.


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