I ALMOST asked him… Almost…

I thoroughly I was going to die of awkwardness today. I swore to my friend that I would ask him to the dance. Why I did that I have no idea. I almost did it multiple times. Btw we talked the whole bus ride home on Wednesday and it was great. Anyways, so this morning I tried to talk to him and ten I was gonna ask him but someone else kept talking to me. I tried to silently get her to stop talking so I could talk to him but she just kept going. Goodness gracious. And then when we got off the bus I called him but he didn’t hear me which I’m glad about. Because that means I would have had to ask him. My heart was beating and I was getting really hot. So the reason I thought I was going to die was because I was so so close to asking him. Oh well. I’m pretty sure the next time was while I was on my way to social studies. He was right by the classroom door talking to someone and I went in to put my stuff down and when I came back out he was gone. The last chance was at lunch. I tried to get to lunch on time so I could possibly be by him in line but that didn’t work out. And the he always leaves lunch early for some reason so I stalled sitting down so I could possibly stop him but there are way to many people in the lunchroom and I’m too much of a nervous and awkward person to do that. The last chance was after school. He usually waits in the lunchroom til the last moment to get on the bus so I was gonna catch him there but I was waiting on my friend and she was taking forever with her boyfriend. Oh well. So asking him to the dance didn’t real work out.
In other news, I auditioned for my school play today. I hope I did well. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t even that nervous. I think I did fine but I’m not so sure about my best friend who didn’t really do what I know she can do. It’s fine though. I have faith that at least one out of my four friends that auditioned will get in Although, there are only nine female parts and fifteen girls auditions. I’m scared and excited and nervous all for different reasons. I just pray that everything works out. The scariest part of the day is that I almost asked him to the dance. Where did I get the guts to do that? I’m not even nervous around guys. Just THAT guy. Smh. Ok Im done rambling. For now. 😉


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