Ik I haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve been really busy with school, student council, tennis, njhs, and being lazy. Lots of stuff has happened during my first month as a freshman. I don’t feel like re capping. I just wanted to post to say that my homecoming was like a scene out […]

Have you noticed?

Well if you haven’t, I changed my background AGAIN.  I feel like i change my background every couple months and if I were a reader I might be a little irritated.  IN mydefence I was getting sick of the old background.  It was sort of busy to me and I think that I have matured […]

Tag Game

The Tag Game.  What a classic blogging game where you answer and ask questions and tag other blogs.  this would be my second time doing this but the first time i did it i posted using my phone and it was really complicated but now im on the computer and it should be easier and […]