Well then…

I think that I’m starting to scare my parents.the other day I asked for blue hair and today I asked for fake gauges I wanted them but I after I asked for them I learned that I also liked the reaction. When I asked my mom for blue hair I got a lecture. And when I asked my dad for FAKE gauges I got a straight up no. With the hair, I understand because anything could happen. My hair could be a beautiful hue of blue or all of my hair would fall out. But with fake gauges, that’s nothing! I could easily take them out and my earring holes would be the same size and stuff. and it’s not like I would wear them when I’m out with my parents. Just sometimes at school and on the rare occasion that I go out with my friends. I got the idea of gauges from a tutorial I saw on craft gawker of fake gauges using polymer clay and old earrings. I loved it and asked if I would e able to wear tem and got shot down. Oh well.
I’m happy and sad. I planned my summer to spend the least amount of time in teen camp, but I’ve grown to love the people in teen camp. They are like my family and I’m the oldest sister. But now I’m going to my other family at First Stage. Going there makes me a little sad though because I won’t see some of my old friends from last year there. I’ll still get to do what I love while in an air conditioned building with the best people in the world. Did you know that everyone at first stage is wonderful? And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. Any person you meet is great and amazing and nice and talented and so many other things. We are one ginormous family. Last year was magical because there was a wedding (it was fake) and it was beautiful. We all sat around and watched and at the end we all sang don’t stop believing. That moment made my year. To be apart of something so great and wonderful. I wouldn’t trade First Stage for the world.
I can’t get get over how much I love first stage. Anyways, summer is almost over which is depressing and high school is coming fast. Soon enough it’ll be the first day of school and I’ll be freaking out about seeing my friends and getting lost in the hallways.
And I remember what I wanted to say now. There are three concerts I desperately want to go to.
1. The Vans warped tour- Which I am going to most likely
2. Electric Guest- Which I am not going to because I missed the free tickets
3. Evanescence – It is on my brothers birthday so I can’t go. 😦
Life goes on though and I’ll survive. If you plan on going to the Warped Tour In your state I really reccomend that you download the app. You get ten free songs an the songs are from some of the bands on th tour. I thought I might give you that tip. Even if you aren’t going to the Warped tour it’s still a chance for free music so I would spring on that if I were you.

PS. I meant to post these on the fourth of July but didn’t so here try are, some very american pictures:




The Most American Day of the Year

Today is July 4, 2012. For Americans, this is a giant holiday celebrated with fireworks and parties. Since the fourth of July is only celebrated in The United States, I guess only Americans celebrate it therefore there aren’t really many other traditions. On this day, many wear red white and blue clothes or clothes adorned with stars and stripes. And many people are given a day off of work. For me, the fourth of July means a cook out and fireworks which can be seen from my backyard.
I bet the fourth of July is quite a sight for foreigners. We are a very proud country. There are foreign exchange students from Spain in my summer camp this week. When I asked, one of them could barely tell me what their flag looks like. I could tell anyone on a drop of a dime what the American flag looks like. Stars and stripes, red, white, and blue. I’d like to imagine that the Spanish students have never seen such brilliant fireworks and are amazed by the sight which will stay with them forever. Visiting America probably will stay with them but it’s likely that they’ve seen fireworks before. I’ll ask tomorrow. If your not from the US or missed the fireworks I’m sure you can look up the fourth of July fireworks and find lots of videos. The fourth if July firework displays are like no other firework shows. These are patriotic and represent our love for this free country.
One of the Spanish students looks just like Justin beiber. I thought I might mention that.
Anyways, I’m pretty sure that the United states of America is turning 284 years old. It’s a rough estimate and I don’t feel like looking up the actual age right now. Hundreds of years ago today, we earned our
Independence. Millions have died so that I and millions of other Americans can live in this free country. They fought in wars and protested for the rights that I currently have today and to keep me safe.
Sometimes I wish I was from somewhere else like England or Spain to get a cool accent but I love America. Even with its problems and all. There’s no place like it.



I tried taking pictures of the fireworks. It only sorta worked. You don’t get the full effect. But notice that in the second picture there was a smiley face. They have been getting fancy with the fireworks lately. There have been stars, smiles, hearts, ect.

Washington DC was awesome

So i got back home from DC on Tuesday and sorely miss it. It’s was so much fun but my feet hurt super bad when I got home and I slept most of the next day. While in DC I learned that my best friend likes learning about American History and that I love burritos. I also learned that five girls and three beds can prove to be a hassle. In Washington DC we saw so many things. The moment we got off the plane we went sight seeing. We saw the White House, Arlington Cemetary, Martin Luther King Jrs Memorial, the Washington Monument, and so much more. I would post pictures of everything but 99% of the pictures are on my camera and I don’t know where the cord is to upload them to the computer. I will post the photos that I do have though which is not many.

My parents left to teach at a couples conference in Texas on thursday so my nana is staying with my brother and I until Sunday night when they get back. I talked on the phone pretty late yesterday night and last night. In fact, last night Nijeria and I tried to pull an all nighter. She got too tired and went to bed and after she hung up made a Facebook post about the Fail of an all nighter. But who of course comments? My friend that is jealous for no reason. Every time I post something on Facebook about hanging with my friends she posts a jealous comment. I don’t even understand why she’s jealous. I don’t get jealous when she posts about going to parties and skyping all night with her friends. after I made my post her comment said something like “I’m awake but I guess I don’t fit into the best friend category anymore.”. That’s bull crap! Just cuz she lives on the other side on Milwaukee now doesn’t mean she’s still not my best friend. And I refer to Nijeria as best friend because that’s what we do. In fact, she made a post about skyping with some dude all night around the time my post was put up so how was she going to talk to me on the phone anyways?

This is the inside of the rotunda in the Capital Building. The artwork in the rotunda is stunning.

This is General Robert E Lee’s home. He was a general for the confederate army during the Civil War. His home sits on over 300 acres of land and on that land is Arlington Cemetary.

This is John F Kennedy's grave at Arlington Cemetary. He was a president of the United states and was assinated.

This is a statue of Martin Luther King jr at the Martin Luther King jr Memorial. This is the newest memorial in Washington DC because it came out in October. This statue of Martin Luther King Jr looks over a pond at a monument that I can’t think the name of. It’s quite the sight.

This is the building that I can’t remember the name of. But it’s beautiful and huge and awesome.

I really want to say that this is one of the Smithsonian Museums but I’m not sure.

You should ready go to washington dc. It’s so awesome. This is just a small taste of all of the things we saw. I felt super American and proud to be one. So many lives died in battle for the safety of us. Arlington Cemetary is almost full. 300+ acres of land filled with man and women who have died in battle the sake of the US. They are steadily trying to add more land but soon there will be no more space for anymore fallen soldiers. To give you an idea of what its like there, Picture standing in any spot of Arlington Cemetary and only seeing Rows and rows and rows of white marble grave stones.

So itchy….

There is a spider on the wall and I don’t feel like getting up to kill it but I’m starting to feel really itchy. So I’m just eating this spider climb up the wall…. Then it decides to just sit in one place mocking me. So I eventually decide to hit it with a magazine.

In other news, I got my hair braided to the back of my head. Think of Alicia Keys when he had her hair braided. That’s what it looks like besides the fact that the color of this weave is different that my hair color. Now I sort of look like my friend Susan but her braids are bigger and yeah. The only down side is that I can’t keep any hair in my face so I can’t hide behind it and my face is fully exposed. Now people actually have to look at my whole face, sucks for them.

I’m so excited to be going to Washington DC on Sunday! I have to get up super early on that day. Probably around 4 am because I have to be at the airport at 6:15 and it takes an hour to drive to the airport. That leaves me an hour to get dressed and ready to go which is more than enough time but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and post them! For now your stuck with a picture of my new do. Sorry! 😉


Awesome weekend

The dance was on Friday everyone looked beautiful. My friends kept trying to get me to dance with a guy that I didn’t like. The dance overally was fun though. It was hawaiian themed which was cool ad there was free food. Most of the songs were good. A majority of them played were hip hop because when a certain song came on like a Highschool Musical song, the dance floor cleared out. It was obvious that the group of people who aren’t into hip hop weren’t into all of that playing but what do they expect when a pop song came on and they cleared? They did play some pop songs though. Like starships, sexy and I know it, and various others. Something that really irritated me was that since there is a big clique at my school, every time someone from that clique would walk in everyone would run over to her screaming. Then people who aren’t in that clique just kind of awkwardly get over there for no reason. I personally wanted to stay on the dance floor, I would seethe girl facing at some point so I didn’t need to see her at that moment, but noooo, my friends had to awkwardly gravitate to that area and do did I because I didn’t want to be left alone looking like a fool.
The DJ was like a continuing slap of reality. He kept saying things like, we have this many songs til the end and we won’t see each other again! Party because it’s your last chance to! This is the last song of the 8th grade year! You will never have a chance like this again!
These things are not very helpful to cheering up my crying friend who is sad because 8th grade is over. What she continues to forget is that on Monday we have graduation and Tuesday we have six flags and next Sunday we have Washington DC. So I’m going to be seeing my friends all the way up to next week. There’s no point in crying because we are coming back next year. That’s what I think at least. If I know your going to be at this school next year then why cry? Sure I’m going to miss my friends over the summer but it’s only 3 months. 90 days. I think we can do that.
Ad besides Ahsha bawling about it all being over, I have Xavi bawling because the guy she likes was dancing with some other girl. My friends need to get over themselves! This is middle school, I doubt your going to find you true love here and there are plenty more dances at the Highschool. He’s just one guy. I feel like I have to treat my friends in different ways. Ahsha, I have to act sweet and funny and reassuring. For Xavi I have to be reassuring yet tough otherwise she’d be crazy. Unfortunately she has low self esteem and I have to help her with that. She doesn’t have to lose weight to please anyone. That’s bull. She’s beautiful and the people In my scho just don’t see it.
I feel like sounding very hypocritical but normally I have very high self esteem. Very high, but I just have my dips sometimes into a downward spiral of self loathing which I have to get over. There is always someone in a worse situation than you and because of that I try to appreciate everything because of that. So why cry about my small problems in a comfortable bed when a lot of people don’t have beds to cry in or food to get fat off of. But that’s just my thought….

Dress for the dance

None of my friends are replying to my texts and I’m kind of frustrated about a girl issue and I need to vent. Issue: my dress for the dance.

So I got a dress for the dance and it cost 60 dollars an I was so excited and I bought jewelry to go with it. Tomorrow is the Dance and I just put on my whole outfit and it doesn’t match. And I see why the necklace was on the clearance rack. First off, my Indian theme did not go with the dress and the necklace has a feather missing from it. I can’t wear that!!! And I tore my dress a little. It’s not noticeable at all. And I saw a way cuter dress that is similar but better for 25 dollars today when I went shopping. So now I want to return my original dress and jewelry to get the other dress and different jewelry. So yeah. I’m super upset about that and my parents are out to eat so I stuck at home and I can’t ask them to take me. But this is a serious emergency. The dance is TOMORROW!!!! We could make an emergency trip tomorrow but that would be cutting it close. And idk where the receipt for the dress is so idk if I’ll be able to return it especially since I’m not all that crazy about the dress. I honestly got it because I was tired of dress shopping. And now I’m in a horrible predicament. I hope my parents come home before the stores close…

My week is made.

So besides the fact that I have two days left of school and the dance is on Friday and I’m graduating from eighth grade on Monday as I’m going to six flags on tuesday and I’m going to dc somewhere around that time, I was super happy last night. I took the initiative and decided to message the guy I like on facebook. Granted we only talked about school and it was a pretty slow conversation, but it was an hour! Maybe more than an hour. And then I fell asleep before I saw his message but that’s ok because my morning was super happy when I saw the reply. It basically only said ttyl but that means good night and that made me happy.

Stuff I Like Sunday: Nail Edition

I’m sorry. I may have confused you by saying Nail Edition. Since I’m not really a nail person, and I don’t really consider it a craft or project I usually don’t put nail DIYs in Stuff I Like Sundays. I realized that that is selfish. Just because I like having my nails plain so I can bite them doesn’t mean everyone else does! And I always see super cute nail tutorials on Craftgawker so I want to share some of them with you!

A party on your hands al the time!

Watermelon nails Just in time for summer!

Your hands will look like a peice of art.

What do these nails remind you of? Maybe another post…

These nails would look super cool on anyone. And these are actually simple.