I had a fairly good day! I fell five times and the last time I hurt my elbow. So when ever I lean on it a pain shoots through my arm. Also, we have this geometry homework on a website that we use and it’s making me frustrated. I have to keep going until I […]

Happy MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! Yeahhhh, so I didn’t post yesterday. Oh well. But I did draw some pictures. Here goes: Yup. Here’s today’s picture: Hey everyone, I just found out that my friend did IT. And she’s too young and it was without protection. So please please please pray that she’s not pregnant. […]


I keep writing posts and then the app crashes which causes my post not to save. And my last one was really good… Something really weird has happened. Do I used to write poetry in a notebook every day but I haven’t for a while. So there’s this dude I sort of like i think. […]