I was Babysitting

Today I babysat Jillian again. m This is a picture of the beautiful cake that we made. I felt that the frosting and food coloring tasted terrible together the frosting by itself was fine but once we put food coloring in it i wanted to puke. The cake itself was very good though. I ended […]

My Gateway Drug

A gateway drug is a drug that’s not actually bad for you but once it stops giving you the high you want you start doing drugs that can give you the feeling again. Metaphorically, music is my gateway drug. Everyday I listen to music at maximum volume and I feel good. I feel empowered and […]

Day 3&4

So yesterday I tred very hard to start conversation. There was a quick answer and that’s it. So after about five tries I retreated into my seat and listened to music. Today was weird though. he was in the middle school for some reason and was going up the stairs at the same time as […]